Gain Competitive Advantage With Azure AI

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Search for Smarter Intelligence to gain Edge. 

Businesses across industries need cloud-based AI and analytics services to transform and grow their business.


Azure AI


Azure AI Services offers a cloud-based environment for training, deploying, managing, automating and monitoring ML models across the enterprise. Azure AI supports deep learning, supervised learning, and unsupervised learning to provide accurate and understandable predictions. Furthermore, Azure AI also supports no-code or low-code options to popularize machine learning among the non-technical community.

Despite the buzz around AI, a Gartner report states that nearly 50% of projects fail to reach production. Successful implementation of ML projects requires months of engineering investment. Fortunately, Azure Machine Learning is helping to accelerate the ML adoption journey for enterprises. In this blog, we’ll cover seven key benefits of Azure Machine Learning that will show you how Azure ML can be lucrative for your business.

Machine learning as a service (MLaaS) covers any service that offers ML solutions as part of its cloud solutions. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) prefer MLaaS because of its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ability to handle infrastructure challenges such as data preparation, model training, and evaluation.

Azure AI comes with the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform and is recognized as a prominent MLaaS provider. The beauty of Azure AI comes with its ongoing service. Furthermore, Azure AI allows you to build applications without having to set up complex hardware or software. You just sign in and use what you need, and Azure takes care of deploying and maintaining your AI applications.

Another key advantage of Azure AI is that it enables fast and easy implementation of web services. Once your AI training experiment is ready, you can deploy the predictive models as a web service. Drag-and-drop datasets, algorithms, and connections ensure seamless implementation of web services for predictive models. Interoperability defines the future of artificial intelligence and its subsets. Cloud-delivered Azure AI services allow you to access and test models from around the world via any connected device and without compromising the security of your data.

With a secure internet connection, you can access ML services and manage your models with Azure AI support for different programming languages, operating systems and databases.

With Azure AI solutions, businesses can acquire and access their data from anywhere, anytime. It allows direct access to data through various sources such as Azure SQL, Hive Query, local data sources and many more. Implementing AI solutions and managing big data has always been a complex challenge for businesses. But with Azure ML, building advanced AI solutions has become even easier when you rely on the right AI expert to get the most out of what Azure AI has to offer.

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