Life at DP

Paresh Sansare

Founder & CEO

Successful businesses are never built by one person. They’re built by a team of people.
We value our internal as well as external stakeholders equally. Including our team members, partners, clients and leadership team.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In a world where everything is about constantly moving up, we believe it’s essential to pause and reflect. To think about other things which are important and go beyond our everyday hustles.

We at Digital Prudentia have spent years trying to come up with a value-based charity and goodwill work. One that isn’t connected to our business’s profit structure but directly connected to our most humane side. We conduct regular events and activities to give back to society which has given us so much to be grateful for.

Our team recently visited Satkarm Ashram in Badlapur, Thane, for Diwali 2022 celebrations. The kids’ energy, excitement, and enthusiasm made us introspect and understand the true joy of giving.

When Team Building Met Community Uplifting!

As avid believers in giving back to society, Digital Prudentia regularly comes up with creative ways to foster a sense of community well-being in our staff and partners. Most recently, we organised a unique team-building activity for our interns. They were sent to a local orphanage to connect and better understand the lives of children residing there to develop strategies to help them further. Our team of interns engaged in several art-grafts activities, indoor/outdoor games, and conversational assemblies with the lovely children of Z. P. school Kasane, Thane. We are proud of the team for successfully conducting this outreach outing and putting smiles on the faces of the children.

Beyond The Workplace Walls

Team Digital Prudentia decides to catch up outside the office every few months. We either go for meals or fun activities. Our aim with such office outings is to understand our employees better and create a work environment that suits them accordingly. We recently went for lunch together and had a wonderful time, catching up with each other’s personal lives and celebrating milestones.

Our Charity Associations

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