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About Digital Prudentia

Trusted Partner in Data Management and Digital Innovation

Since 2012 we have been helping industry leaders by providing innovation and top-notch data analysis. We help align the data and digital roadmaps with the business vision. We are helping organizations of varying sizes and industries to embrace the latest technology to grow business with agility.

We are a team that helps you build the data core of your business! From analyzing customer growth issues to auditing supply chains, we put everything under the microscope through our Data Analytics services. We enable you to leverage analytics as an integral part of your decision-making process.

Over the last few years, we have enabled enterprises to accelerate their success by adopting new technologies, decrypting challenging issues that always emerge during digital adoption, and orchestrating continuous innovation.

Company Core Values


Help businesses solve their challenges & stay ahead of the competition by adopting to NexGen technologies.


Build impactful digital engineering solutions to
power smart enterprises.

Our Values

» Customer Centricity
» Reliability
» Transformation
» Trustworthiness

Our Promise

We promise to use the right technology to address your business's challenges and, most cost-effectively, guide its growth.

Our commitment to consistent delivery with excellent efficiency has been recognized by our clients worldwide.


Paresh has an experience of more than two decades of leading high-profile technology - analytics projects and developing strategic solutions for various industry verticals.

He is pro-efficient in his fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, Bi & Advanced Analytics, IoT architecture, Cloud Analytics, Product Development, Data Integration, Migration & Warehouse Modernization. He has hands-on industry experience in Telecom, Retail, Airlines, Hi-Tech, Banking & SaaS.

Previously as Co-CEO, Paresh has led a Boutique consulting firm consisting of 40+ global professionals specializing in data science, warehousing, analytics, and IoT. 

He has also managed Telecom solutions startups as CIO.

Management Team

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