Advance The Future of Global Infrastructure Through Digital Twins

Problem Statement

Get Glean Insights from Disparate, Siloed Data!

Most Organisations have a wealth of data, but because it is disparate & siloed, it becomes challenging to gain insights.


Microsoft Azure and Digital Twins


Azure Digital Twins is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering that allows you to create twin graphs based on digital models of entire environments, which can be buildings, factories, farms, power grids, railways, stadiums, and more—even entire cities. . These digital models can be used to gain insights that will lead to better products, optimized operations, cost reductions and breakthrough customer experiences.

Azure Digital Twins can be used to design a digital twin architecture that represents real IoT devices in a wider cloud solution and connects to IoT Hub device twins to send and receive live data. Leverage your domain expertise over Azure Digital Twins to create customized connected solutions that:

  • Model any environment and bring digital twins to life in a scalable and secure way.
  • Query the live execution environment and extract real-time statistics from your dual chart.
  • Create connected 3D visualizations of your environment that show business logic and duplicate data in context.
  • Query historical environmental data and integrate it with other Azure data, analytics, and AI services to better understand the past and predict the future.

To keep the digital twin features up to date with your environment, firms can use IoT Hub to connect your solution to IoT and IoT Edge devices. These centrally managed devices are represented as part of your dual graph and provide the data that drives your model. Institutions can create new IoT Hubs for use with Azure Digital Twins or connect an existing IoT Hub along with the devices it already manages.

It is possible to control Azure Digital Twins from other data sources using REST APIs or connectors to other Azure services, such as Logic Apps. These methods can help with input data from trading systems and incorporate it into your dual chart. Azure Digital Twins provides a rich event system to keep your graph up-to-date, including data processing that can be customized to match your business logic. One can connect external computing resources such as Azure Functions and control this data processing in flexible and customized ways.

Azure enables organizations of all sizes and across industry verticals to achieve their short-term and long-term goals with a proven cloud infrastructure designed to help create and align business and technical strategies. Using Azure AI services, organizations can create mission-critical solutions for image analysis, speech understanding, hidden insights, and predictions using data from across their business.

Digital twins combine a traditional view of business data with a complex model of many different aspects of reality into a single view of information as a transparent business model, operations management, analytics and simulation. This vision is behind Microsoft’s investment in Azure digital twins to simplify the creation of next-generation IoT connectivity solutions that model the real world. Bentley and Microsoft’s mission is to bring together the best of their combined technologies to support a resilient and sustainable future.

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